Hello, everyone. This site, as the title suggests, is primarily for Generations X, Y, and Z. Likewise, the site should also provide insight for older generations to better understand how “millennials” think and feel about the world around them.

As Christianity becomes more of a minority in this age group, it can give young believers the perspective that other minority groups may have. God is being taken out of schools every day as we continue to teach our revisionist history of how religion and faith have saved the Western world.

Ultimately, what I aim to do is speak to people around my age group to try and dispel what I believe to be myths and falsehoods implanted into our generation. If you like what you read, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Of course, if you disagree with anything I say, feel free to let me know. I welcome all opinions from all backgrounds. I don’t claim to be omniscient. I would just encourage you to keep the comments civil, as that is the only way we can ever reach an understanding of each other’s perspective.

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Discussing Christianity with a Millennial mindset

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